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  • It was similar for me, except that Nintendo made the decision for me by prevening me from purchasing (or downloading) any game from the eShop. Of course, it wasn’t entirely unexpected to get banned since I also hacked mine in order to dump my games and transfer saves for games I owned on PC and Switch.

    Still, since Nintendo apparently didn’t want to have a customer and the SteamDeck was announced shortly after I jumped ship day one and only turned the Switch on once again to transfer my saves back.

  • Some sites like this one won’t link their RSS feeds directly anymore but still surfaces it through metadata in the HTML code, so just adding the regular URL of the blog to a proper RSS-Reader shoul just worked. Otherwise a browser extension that displays the embedded Feeds on the current page should work as well.

  • One thing that might really help would be Valve releasing an official version of SteamOS to the public. It would hopefully get us more handhelds running SteamOS natively and people switching their PCs, particularly if they can release it before the Win10 EOL date.

    Sure, projects like Bazzite exist, but I don’t think those have enough reach beyond the people already running some form of Linux.

  • Yup. I can get away with prepaid 1GB/month for 3€ because I’m almost always near Wi-Fi and don’t really need to use anything bandwidth when I’m not.

    I also find it wild how some people will get an expensive contract that comes with a “free” phone, but then don’t switch to an equal but cheaper contract (without a “free” phone) when the contract term expires, or at the very least renew the term so they get a new phone.

  • NekuSoulAtoPrivacy@lemmy.mlWhy don’t you like Apple?
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    Or being unable to install third-party apps or other browser engines is supposed to be for security reasons. Or being environment friendly through their recycling program when the truth is that they only do that to keep spare parts out of reach of independent repair shops. Pure gaslighting.